Aug 7, 2013

Played so beautifully

Yo La Tengo - Cornelia and Jane

working on the mixtape, it will be out in a couple of weeks. stay cool.

Jul 24, 2013
send me your pillow, the one that you dream on

send me your pillow, the one that you dream on

(via flowerfetuschildren-deactivated)

Jul 23, 2013
And while he talks his dreams to sleep
you notice there’s a highway
that is curling up like smoke above his shoulder
and suddenly you feel a little older
Oh Leonard
Jul 22, 2013

Can- Mother Sky


Jul 19, 2013

Beat Happening - I Spy

I’m at home in the streets of rome
Or just hanging round old shanghai
Danger is my logo
Espionage a go-go
I’m just diggin’ this american crime

Jul 17, 2013

Pity Sex - When You’re Around

How did I get so depressed
I wasn’t born like this

Jul 14, 2013

Broadcast- Michael A Grammar

Happy SUNday Y’all

Jul 5, 2013

Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight

Beautiful song for a balmy summer night on your own

Jul 4, 2013

Home-recordings from the bored & do-nothings

send me your music y’all and pass it onto those who might be interested.


Any artists who are interested in album art, drop us a line too…


Jul 2, 2013

Drunk girls know that love is an astronaut,

It comes back, but it’s never the same

LCD Soundsystem
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